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The Danforth Center Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Facility will retain all raw and processed data for a 12-month period after data posting. We encourage users to download their data and archive appropriately. These data are included as .zip files in the Results page of your order. There are a number of free, online data repositories that we recommend for archiving of mass spectrometry data. These repositories accept data and will keep them as private archives until such time as the data are published or the depositor decides to make them public. This publicly accessible archiving is in accordance with a number of scientific journals and is now widely accepted policy. For proteomics datasets we recommend PRIDE or ProteomeXchange. For small molecule datasets we recommend Metabolomics Workbench, MetaboLights or MetabolomeXchange.

Each user should download and keep a local copy of their data.
We are not responsible for long term storage.

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